Digital Natives V Digital Immigrants

Digital native –  the generation of young people who are all “native speakers” of the digital language of computers, video games and the Internet. Basically, they are the first generation to have grown up with new technology we have today – they have lived their entire lives surrounded by and using tools and toys of the digital age. E-mail, mobile phones and instant messages are not only a part of their lives but are integral parts of their lives.

digital Natives - digital Immigrants   - wer's glaubt!

Digital immigrant – “those who may have acquired some form of digital literacy”, according to digital scholar Marc Prensky however they do have “their foot in the past”. In other words, Prensky believes all people born before 1980 are digital immigrants.

In his paper “Digital Natives, Digital Immigrants”, Marc Prensky discusses the possibility that the younger generations in society “think and process information fundamentally differently from their predecessors”. In summation, Prensky and others within his field believe that digital natives have increased productivity within the jobs due to their parallel processing and multitasking.

As a digital native myself, I do believe those in “Generation Y” do have an advantage with regards to technology. However I feel Prensky may be undervaluing the older generations. Perhaps the thoughts and processes of my generation differ from our predecessors, the outcome, from a work perspective, is the same. There are many things to be valued that this generation have overlooked due to all of the technological advances.